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Wednesday, February 18 2015

One barrier to community archiving smashed

January 2015 saw a major update to the tiny little raspberry Pi single board computer, which I have previously written about here.  The Pi now has four times the number of "cores" on the same chip, and four times the amount of memory of the original, and is roughly six times as powerful.    […]

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Tuesday, November 25 2014

Tech Notes - Running Omeka under Lighttpd

Please note - the details in this post no longer work. I am leaving the post, though, partly to see if I can come back to it at some stage or to encourage others to try this. It would be great to have Omeka running in an even more really lightweight, slimmed down mode. Omeka is interesting digital  […]

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Monday, July 7 2014

Upgrading community archive software

One of the constant themes you will find on this web site is the concept of taking a long view regarding running a digital archive.  This truism is sometimes in conflict with the world in which it operates, the technological and digital world, which is driven by constant expectations of  […]

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Thursday, January 17 2013

Main ACDA Server - Wrong hardware RAID

At the start of the Assynt Community Digital Archive project, there were a lot of unknowns.  Among these were the likely initial disk capacity requirements and how to implement them.  It quickly became clear that the Archive would require more than just a machine in the corner, as it had to run a  […]

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