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Monday, July 7 2014

Upgrading community archive software

One of the constant themes you will find on this web site is the concept of taking a long view regarding running a digital archive.  This truism is sometimes in conflict with the world in which it operates, the technological and digital world, which is driven by constant expectations of  […]

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Saturday, May 10 2014

Archiving Project Open Day

The Assynt Field Club, as reported here, set up a project to begin the process of archiving digitally a huge set of physical collections of sighting records and other information they have accumulated over many years.  Key to these collections is the work of two local residents, Pat and Ian Evans.   […]

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Wednesday, April 2 2014

Assynt Community Archive - Home safe again

If you have read something of the history of the Assynt Community Digital Archive on this site or elsewhere, you will know that the Archive was set up as part of the project that brought the old Fishermen's Mission building into community ownership as a bunkhouse and café in 2009, opening in 2011.   […]

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Thursday, October 3 2013

Omeka - "Wordpress for Museums"

There are some principles for deploying a digital heritage collection which 25 years of IT experience and supporting technical concepts make self-evident.  Most of these are documented on this site, such as the idea of using virtualisation to separate out the various services that make up a digital  […]

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Sunday, July 28 2013

More contribution to Assynt's Archive promised.

There is a fascinating archaeological underwater project under way at the moment, run by Wessex Archaeology, the SAMPHIRE project.  Details can be obtained here - http://blogs.wessexarch.co.uk/samphire/  Having met the team at a communication event in Drumbeg a while ago, it was delightful to get an  […]

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Thursday, January 17 2013

The purpose of this blog

It seems that many communities have a need to archive information or to maintain a local store of heritage and culture.  In Assynt, in the north west Highlands of  Scotland, the community had exactly that urge, but the physical space and continuous commitment required for a physical archive seemed  […]

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