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Friday, December 16 2016

Assynt Digital Archive - System Change

The Assynt Community Digital Archive was set up in 2011 as a long term community initiative.  Readers of this site will know that among the founding principles of the Archive was an adherence to metadata standards and the choice of Free and Open Source software on which to run the Archive.  Among  […]

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Friday, February 14 2014

Learnings from a community archiving project

One of the odd things about a community archiving system is that it is used really in fits and starts.  Much of the time, it may simply sit there, with peaks of activity coming when volunteers have time to carry out archivists tasks, or training is carried out.  The Assynt Community Digital Archive  […]

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Thursday, August 15 2013

Zim wiki - More personal information tools

A wiki is a brilliant idea, created by Ward Cunningham when he released his WikiWikiWeb, a system that allowed groups of people to create and edit documents and notes easily and with minimal training.  To create links, it uses the concept of Wikiwords, and exampe being this - WikiWord - with  […]

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Tuesday, July 30 2013

Citation management and Archiving - Zotero

On a number of occasions during my recently completed degree, lecturers noted good adherence to citation conventions in my work.  This I found a little embarrassing, as it was really all down to the tools I used for citation management.  I've bumped into various proprietary citation managers over  […]

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Friday, May 3 2013

New Archive collection and archivist coming soon

Excellent news just in regarding the Assynt Community Digital Archive.  One of the trainees on the recent archivist training course run under the auspices of Assynt Learning has sought and obtained permission to digitise and archive the documents and photographs relating to the conversion of a local  […]

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Friday, April 26 2013

Ideas for and from older folk

An interesting couple of session were spent at the Assynt Centre recently chatting with a group of older folk who meet regularly to improve their computer skills.  The intention was to let the group know that their skills can be of use for the community by archiving some of their information, or  […]

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Sunday, February 24 2013

Key issue - Archiving and Presentation

Web sites sometimes appear to be archives.  Some web sites can behave a lot like archives.  But anyone who has run a web site for any length of time will be aware of a perceived need to "freshen up" the look of the site, or to adopt new technologies as they develop.  Not so an archive,  […]

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Friday, January 18 2013

Archive Training - Joint Venture with Assynt Learning

As part of the winter learning programme developed by Assynt Learning, training in the use of the Archive will be delivered in February and March 2013.  It is a sign of the community nature of the Archive that Assynt Learning's welcome involvement is taking place.  Anyone interested in taking part  […]

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