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Tuesday, March 1 2016

Gaelic Place Names - collating local culture

As in many rural communities, place names in Assynt mean a lot more than merely words on maps.  They indicate what is and was important to everyday life, and very often give a glimpse of how much more the land was used in times gone by.  Alastair Moffat notes in one of his books that the landscape,  […]

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Wednesday, December 3 2014

Wildflower Europe community history archive e-publication - free download

The Wildflower Europe project has recently produced a e-publication (http://wildflowereurope.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Community-historic-archives.pdf ) based on the research and practical experiences in setting up a community history digital archive in a small rural community in Scotland, and  […]

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Thursday, August 15 2013

Zim wiki - More personal information tools

A wiki is a brilliant idea, created by Ward Cunningham when he released his WikiWikiWeb, a system that allowed groups of people to create and edit documents and notes easily and with minimal training.  To create links, it uses the concept of Wikiwords, and exampe being this - WikiWord - with  […]

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Tuesday, July 30 2013

Citation management and Archiving - Zotero

On a number of occasions during my recently completed degree, lecturers noted good adherence to citation conventions in my work.  This I found a little embarrassing, as it was really all down to the tools I used for citation management.  I've bumped into various proprietary citation managers over  […]

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Sunday, July 28 2013

More contribution to Assynt's Archive promised.

There is a fascinating archaeological underwater project under way at the moment, run by Wessex Archaeology, the SAMPHIRE project.  Details can be obtained here - http://blogs.wessexarch.co.uk/samphire/  Having met the team at a communication event in Drumbeg a while ago, it was delightful to get an  […]

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Tuesday, July 16 2013

Content Creation with Assynt Older Folk

The Assynt Learning Centre has very pro-actively been running a series of courses for older folk to get the most out of their computers, and to promote understanding of digital technologies.  Part of this has been to create digital content, with the course participants keen to allow their views and  […]

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