Archivists, in the context of the Assynt Community Digital Archive, are volunteers who have been trained in how to use DSpace software, and have agreed to abide by a set of rules to ensure long, legal and secure life for archival objects under their control.  Often Archivists represent other groupings in the area, who use the community archive for their own archival requirements.  from the agreement we use, we say that:-

Unlike browsers of the Archive, Archivists have the responsibility for the longevity and community value of the Archive, as they have additional rights and capabilities on the system. Therefore, in addition to the Computer and Network Usage Policy set out below, Archivists agree:- To act responsibly when archiving contributed digital objects of Assynt heritage. To adhere to high standards when submitting contributions to the Assynt Community Digital Archive, including completely and accurately filling in descriptions and other details associated with the digital objects. To adhere to all required processes and conditions when using the Archive. Never to carry out any task that may detract from the community value of its heritage Archive. In addition, Archivists understand and undertake that any contribution created by them using Archive facilities such as cameras, scanners or other digitising or recording device is the copyright of the Archive solely. Such works will be deemed to have been carried out on behalf of the Archive.

An example of the agreement is set out below. Archivist Agreement