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Video snippets

As a follow up to an earlier report about taking short (less than one minute) video snippets of older folk describing and talking about photographs in their possession, a session was held yesterday at the Assynt Centre to see how these could be made in future.  I should get permission to upload one of the videos as an example, but one person had some photos and a photocopy of a newspaper page with her.  She explained that a couple in formal pose wearing Victorian clothing were the parents of some of the children at the school in Achmelvich (now the youth hostel) while a later picture, taken in the 1930s of a group of men, perhaps in Sabbath clothing, again quite formal-looking and self-aware, were two of the group, now grown up.  The newspaper page featured a picture of a man who was the head of an American shipping company, the son of one of the children in the school picture, and the grandchild of the Victorian couple.

Even describing these connections in words is interesting, but hearing a family member lay out this history and this heritage is powerful stuff.

Similarly, one person described a relatively recent picture associated with the Assynt Crofter's Trust, when they heard that they had been successful in their significant buy-out in the early 1990s.

We tried an Android tablet to do the recording, and this is a cost-effective and useful way of doing it.  However, most point-and-shoot cameras these days have a video capability, and the little Nikon we used had the advantage of image stabilisation, which created a much better outcome.  However, what became clear was that the actual technicalities of creating the record was of secondary significance to the content.

It is hoped to hold some sessions, perhaps an hour or so in length, where more of these video snippets can be gathered.