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Archive Training – Something for Everyone

  • April 7, 2013 8:23 am

The Assynt Community Digital Archive came of age as a community project, to some extent, when the local Learning Centre, also a community project, offered to add Archive Training to the winter learning programme.  Initially 6 people signed up for the training, but the number varied up and down over the five weeks and 10 hours of training.

The course covered the need for community archiving, archiving principles, file formats, legal issues and lots and lots of practice archiving.  The training was done on the Learning system at the Assynt Community Digital Archive, a system that is the same as the production system, an easy addition to the Archive, as all services run as virtual systems.

Trainees came with a range of expectations and motivations, from seeing what Archiving was about, to those wanting to learn to use the Archive for research.  Some trainees were just there out of general interest, but made interesting contributions tot he group anyway.  One trainee has signed up as a fully fledged, fully trained Archivist, who will be archiving the research he has carried out into the history of his immediate area, and has offered to be a general archivist for contributed information.  Another trainee will be investigating the possibility of gaining access to a collection of information that is currently in a different form.  If she is successful, it will be a great addition to the Archive.

The training went so well that an extra day was agreed on, where further details of running the Archive were investigated.  Reports from trainees were positive, and the training was done in a relaxed but focused atmosphere.

Thanks to Sharon and Sandra at Assynt Learning for arranging it all.