While we live in an historically Gaelic speaking part of Scotland, the Scots language inevitably also features in life in Scotland. When we lived in the Borders, locals would effortlessly code-switch to allow us to follow conversations. And during my Scottish Cultural Studies degree, a few modules were on the Scots language, especially older Scots. So I know intellectually that Scots is a Germanic language, an off-shoot of the languages of the Angles and the Saxons when they settled in Britain. But it was still surprising, when we first lived in Scotland, to find that many Scots words were familiar to us, as we grew up tweetalig - bilingual - in English and Afrikaans, in South Africa, at a time when it was compulsory to learn both languages in school, but not compulsory, or often possible, to learn indigenous languages.

After a while, I decided to start making a list of similar words in Scots and English. Among the sources were the Orkney Bot o' Wirds twitter feed, and Scots Dictionaries, also ScotsLanguage.com

The short list below shows the Scots, followed by the Afrikaans equivalent, then the meaning and notes.  Please note I am no linguist, so I almost certainly do not fully understand these linguistic connections. I offer these for interest.

Antere - andere - "occasional, odd" - in Afrikaans, usually "different"
Blessie - bles - "pale or, of a horse, having a white star"
Kist - kist    - chest or box 
Puddock - padda - frog
Redd - red - save, clear away tidy - in Afrikaans usually "rescue"
Hairst - Herfs - Harvest - in Afrikaans "Herfs" is Autumn
Neist - naaste - nearest
Skellum - skelm - rogue, scoundrel, rascal
eme - oom - uncle, in Scots, specifically maternal uncle
timmer - timmer - wooden
gie - (note not gi'e) - gee - give
fang - vang - "catch"
blide - bly - happy
sikkar - seker - certain
dwam - daze, swoon - Afrikaans equivalent is "dwaal"
GAFSE (v, n): eat hungrily, a large bite. Afrikaans equivalent is "gap"
Roup - roep - auction, usually a country auction.

ilka - elke - every

These are just some of the interesting similarities I have noted. I am sure there are many more.