It has been such a pleasure this year to play host to a family of wrens.  Admittedly, it started off badly, when we did not realise that a wren intended to nest in a skein of Helen's yarn which was drying in the drying tent.  Eventually we realised what was going on, and left the chosen skein for the wren to complete the nest.  The size of the construction for such a small bird was amazing. 

Local ornithologists told us what to expect: the male builds a nest and hopes it meets the requirements of a female.  Helen soon noticed that there were eggs in the nest.  This was a busy time for Helen's hand-dyed yarn business, and she was constantly in and out of the drying tent, but it did not seem to affect the wrens too much.  We then went away to a yarn show for a few days, and in that time, the eggs must have hatched.  We think there are at least three chicks.

Today, sitting watching the nest to take some photographs, it looks as though the one wren who has feeding duty returns to the nest about every two minutes with insects.  Earlier, it was going into the nest to feed the little ones, but now, there is probably no room inside, and anyway, the gaping mouths appear at the nest entrance.  A quick handover to one or the other, pausing to collect a faecal sac, and off it goes again.

Here are a series of pictures of the parent attending the young ones.




And here is 12s video clip of the feeding process.