We have hens, and we also like feeding the wild birds.  But there are flocks of rock doves in the area, and they will vacuum up any food they can get.  Sometimes the scene when they descend is rather too Hitchcockian for my taste.  But of course, you become a cog in the entire food chain by feeding the birds.  A while ago, I was walking up the brae with our neighbour, who spotted a scattering of feathers and remains of one of these rock doves.  She immediately switched to suitable Glaswegian and said "There's been a murder!"  For those of you who don't know that's a sort of catch phrase from the Scottish-based tv detective series "Taggart". 

Well the other day, Lexie the westie started barking.  When I looked out of the window, just a few metres from the front door, there'd been another murder - or rather, it was taking place at the time.  Here's what we saw:-


The sparrowhawk spent the next half hour or so devouring its prey.  It leaves you with mixed feelings as it seems so brutal, but who are we to comment when we conveniently mask our own carnivorous nature.  Anyway, the sparrowhawk has a better chance of survival, so in a way our bag of mixed wild bird seed feeds carnivorfes too.  A beautiful bird, isn't it?