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10. May 2020

A New Inverter for our Off-grid Power System

StevanPics-122920-10052020.jpg, May 2020

Thunderstorms at the beginning of the year prompted a desire to have a back-up inverter

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12. January 2020

Power Problems - When Thunderstorms Strike

An off-grid life means taking responsibility when things go wrong

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18. August 2018

Off-grid - making do and mending

A bit of resourcefulness and "it'll-come-in-handy-some-day" hoarding saves the day

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13. July 2016

A new battery bank for our off-grid power supply


The final piece of the recent power revamp

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2. March 2016

The Superwind's first winter

Looks like the right kit

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17. April 2015

Off-grid power update - phase 2 - solar power


In spite of being so far north, we get a lot of power from the sun... except in winter

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7. April 2015

Off-grid power update - phase 1 - the wind turbine



The cost of a mains power connection makes continuing to live off-grid attractive

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27. February 2014

Our off-grid power supply


When we first saw what would become our home here in the north west Highlands, one of the attractions was that electricity had never been delivered to the house.  It is on mains water, probably a result of the 1950s large-scale connections that were made in the Highlands, or maybe earlier, judging  […]

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26. February 2014

An update to "Linux services without mains power"

Some years ago, I wrote a piece for Alastair Otter's much-missed Tectonic online magazine dealing with Free and Open source technology about how we run a full linux-based office server environment on 20w of power.  That article is archived here.  The response to the article was gratifying, but while  […]

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Controlling a runaway wind generator


I have an ambivalent relationship with the Futurenergy 1000 wind turbine that supplies most of our home's power.  Twice in 5 years we have had to replace the turbine after it burnt out in high winds.  On both occasions, Futurenergy were very helpful and even generous in the way they handled the  […]

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