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22. February 2021

Omeka under Lighttpd

Documented for those wanting to try this out

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16. January 2021

Our own xmpp server, with all the trimmings

We can bypass all the data slurping and other issues, by running our own messaging service, including voice and video, and group chats.

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1. December 2018

Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi

There is a lot on the 'net about running your own sync and other cloud services with Nextcloud and the Raspberry Pi, many concluding it's not viable for continuous use, or many losing interest after a while. In fact, with some thought-through choices, a production environment for, say 5 or fewer users is perfectly feasible.

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27. January 2017

Tales of experience

Some stories from more than 25 years in corporate IT, some of which seem quite historical now

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6. October 2014

In 3-2-1, that's the end of 123

Lotus 123, the spreadsheet that was part of the PC computing revolution, has finally gone to software heaven

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