Here's an interesting idea - using the TiddlyWiki application, which is a simple HTML file containing javascript, and which allows you to create effectively a local web site as a standalone file, as a genealogical research notebook. Many community archives are of interest for their genealogical research potential.  If family researchers used TiddlyWiki in the way suggested, it would be an easy task to add the TiddlyWiki to a DSpace community archive, where its detail can be of wider interest.  TiddlyWiki is a reasonable way to overcome barriers posed by different technology platforms while still making the results available to all.  There is even a wrapper around TiddlyWiki for Android tablets, Andtidwiki, which could be useful for some researchers. TiddlyWiki is good for this function, as with many other functions, because it is by nature non-linear, but for the same reason it takes a bit of effort to wrap your head around how it works.  A good introduction to the principles can be found in this PDF and there are many "getting started" and similar tutorials on the net.